• Oct 08 – Oct 13


    Là où le sang se mêle (Where the Blood Mixes) in Québec, QC

    Where the Blood Mixes was inspired by the mistranslation of the N’lakap’mux (Thompson) place name Kumsheen. For years, it was believed to mean “the place where the rivers meet”—the confluence of the muddy Fraser and the brilliant blue Thompson Rivers. A more accurate translation is: “the place inside the heart where the blood mixes.” But Kumsheen also refers to a story: Coyote was disemboweled there, along a great cliff in an epic battle with a giant shape-shifting being that could transform the world with its powers—to this day his intestines can still be seen strewn along the granite walls. In his rage the transformer tore Coyote apart and scattered his body across the nation, his heart landing in the place where the rivers meet.

    Là où le sang se mêle is the French-language adaptation of Where the Blood Mixes. More info here.

    October 8 to 12, 2019
    Le Diamant
    QUÉBEC, QC G1R 1R5