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Wanting Everything
The Collected Works
By Gladys Hindmarch
Edited by Deanna Fong & Karis Shearer

Wanting Everything presents the collected works of Vancouver writer Gladys Hindmarch. In addition to reproducing newly revised editions of her book-length works (The Peter Stories, A Birth Account, and The Watery Part of the World), the volume collects unpublished works of prose as well as correspondence, criticism, oral history interviews, and occasional writing. Spanning over five decades, this diverse work challenges the conception of what constitutes a prolific literary career, extending the notion of writerly activity to include work that is social, collaborative, and dialogic. Hindmarch has made significant contributions to innovative feminist writing, covering topics such as the embodied experience of pregnancy and birth, working-class women’s labour, and the intimacies of domesticity, all while sustaining an engagement with local places and social economies.

Hindmarch’s work embodies the notion of proprioception that was so central to the poetics of the TISH group and other experimental writing in the West Coast tradition. However, in Hindmarch, “sensibility within the organism” is revisited as a feminist stance that connects the experience of the body – moving through space, breathing, labouring, connecting with others – with a keen observational reading of situations, the self, and others. Wanting Everything recognizes Hindmarch’s significant contribution to Canada’s literary and cultural fields, making her work accessible to new readers and literary scholars, and framing it within the history of avant-garde writing, feminist production, and labour issues. Edited by Karis Shearer and Deanna Fong, this remarkable volume concludes with a brand-new, in-depth interview with the author.

Wanting Everything continues Talonbooks’ affordable and carefully curated Selected Writing series.

By Gladys Hindmarch

Born in 1940 to parents Taimi (Aho) and Robert Hindmarch, Gladys Maria Hindmarch became known as a central figure in the TISH community and the Vancouver literary scene in the 1960s and 1970s.

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Edited by Deanna Fong

Deanna Fong is a Postdoctoral Fellow in English and History at Concordia University in Montréal, Canada, where her research focuses on the intersections of auditory media, ethics, and listening.

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Edited by Karis Shearer

Karis Shearer is an associate professor in English & Cultural Studies at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus.

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