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C.S. Morrissey’s brilliant translations bring a modern, lyrical sensibility to Theogony and Works and Days, Hesiod’s two great poems that paved the way for subsequent achievements in Greek philosophy. Theogony tells of the first generations of the gods and recollects how Zeus established his cosmic reign of justice. Works and Days examines the two-fold role of competition in life, what Hesiod calls “the bad strife” and “the good strife” and how they affect our struggle to maintain order in the wake of chaos and the primeval void.

Translated by C.S. Morrissey

C.S. Morrissey is a professor of philosophy at Trinity Western University, where he also teaches courses in the Latin language and in Greek and Roman history. He studied Greek and Latin at the University of British Columbia and has taught courses in these languages and in other classical subjects at Simon Fraser University. Morrissey specializes in philosophical theology and his recent focus has been on its genesis in the monotheistic speculations of Hesiod and Plato.

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By Hesiod

Hesiod, one of the earliest Greek poets, is generally thought by scholars to have been active in the eighth century BCE, at about the same time as Homer. Hesiod’s two complete extant works are Works and Days, which instructs on farming techniques and early economic theory, and Theogony, on the origin of the world and the genealogies of the gods. As author of some of the first autobiographical poems, Hesiod wrote in Works and Days that he lived in the village of Ascra in Boeotia in central Greece and that he won a tripod in a bardic competition at the funeral games of King Amphidamas.

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