The Secret Journal of Alexander MackenzieFront Cover

ISBN: 9780889222274 | Paperback

$19.95 | 208 pages | Pub. Date: 1985
6.00 W × 9.00 H × 1 D inches
Fiction | Backlist | Bisac: FIC019000
ISBN 13: 9780889222274 | Rights: WORLD

An industrial biography that investigates personal myths and the great “machines” that drive the world to the abyss of development.

Short-listed 1986 BC Book Prize: Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize

By Brian Fawcett

Born in 1944 in Prince George, B.C., Brian Fawcett has written poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Talonbooks has published My Career With the Leafs & Other Stories (1992), The Secret Journal of Alexander MacKenzie (1985), Capital Tales (1984) and Cambodia: A Book for People Who Find Television Too Slow (1986) by Brian Fawcett.

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