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    ISBN: 9781772012408 | Paperback

    96 pages | Pub. Date: 20220322
    5.5 W × 8.5 H × .75 D inches
    Backlist | Non-Fiction | Bisac: YAN017000
    Rights: WORLD

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Lily has always felt in-between. She looks Vietnamese but thinks of herself as white – her parents adopted her from an orphanage in Vietnam. Her parents both have good jobs, but her best friend Brit is always super broke. When Karim – a guy she’s liked for a long time – shows interest in her for the first time, Brit starts to hang out with some grade-twelves who wear T-shirts saying “white pride.” After Karim confronts Brit about her racism, a series of fear-induced misunderstandings lead to a lockdown, and Lily finds herself truly in-between, forced to make seemingly impossible choices about whose side she’s on, and which friend she’s going to believe. Set in a school facing the real-life challenges of immigration, income inequality, and fears of violence, The In-Between is a realistic, complex, and believable exploration of the conflicts students navigate in contemporary schools. Like Youssef’s international hit Jabber, seen by hundreds of thousands of young people across North America and Europe and winner of Berlin’s Ikarus Prize, The In-Between brings humour, sensitivity, and a deftly authentic ear to the adult-sized questions all young people must begin to confront as they enter their later teens.

By Marcus Youssef

Many of Marcus’s plays were written or created with friends and colleagues. They include Winners and Losers, Leftovers, Jabber, How Has My Love Affected You?, Ali and Ali and the aXes of Evil, Adrift, Peter Panties, and A Line in the Sand. These have been performed across North America, Australia, and Europe, and recently off-Broadway.

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Hot Off the Press! The In-Between is Here!

…will find nothing less in his latest play, The In-Between . The In-Between follows high school student Lily … in a maelstrom of social forces. An excerpt from The In-Between: LILY My family is Canadian. KARIM You know what … with prejudice, intersectionality, and identity, The In-Between is a poignant story of growing up and coming into …