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    ISBN: 9780889222687 | Paperback

    64 pages | Pub. Date: 19890101
    6.00 W × 9.00 H × 0.25 D inches
    Backlist | Poetry | Bisac: POE011000
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The publication of Sticks & Stones, George Bowering’s first book of poems, has been one of Canada’s great literary mysteries for almost three decades. Rumoured to have been published by the Rattlesnake Press in 1962, yet only ever found in the darkened vaults of secretive bibliophiles in the form of imperfectly collated, incomplete press proofs, sans cover, several poems and original drawings by Gordon Payne, this book has remained hidden from public view while Bowering’s literary career blossomed. Here, for the first time, is the complete unabridged publication of Sticks & Stones, including all the poems, with the original drawings by Gordon Payne and the preface by Robert Creeley in place. Roy Miki, author of the definitive critical bibliography of George Bowering, A Record of Writing, has provided an endnote which takes the reader through the literary detective work that resulted in the strange circumstance of the publication of this first edition. This first official publication of Sticks & Stones, 27 years after the fact, is a celebration of a writer at the height of his career, and a tribute to the enduring quality of his work.

By George Bowering

George Bowering, Canada’s first Poet Laureate, was born in the Okanagan Valley.

After serving as an aerial photographer in the Royal Canadian Air Force, Bowering earned a BA in English and an MA in history at the University of British Columbia, where he became one of the co-founders of the avant-garde poetry magazine TISH. He has taught literature at the University of Calgary, the University of Western Ontario, and Simon Fraser University, and he continues to act as a Canadian literary ambassador at international conferences and readings.

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Preface by Robert Creeley

Robert Creeley (1926–2005) was an American poet and author of more than sixty books. He was closely associated with the Black Mountain poets.

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Drawings by Gordon Payne

Gordon Payne is an artist who was born in 1933. He studied at Washington State College and the University of British Columbia. Payne began painting in the 1950s, and was associated with the Op Art movement in Vancouver during the 1960s.

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