Some People Fall in the Lodge and Then Eat Berries All WinterFront Cover
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    ISBN: 9781772014396 | Paperback

    176 pages | Pub. Date: 20221027
    6 W × 9 H × 1 D inches
    forthcoming | Poetry | Bisac: POE024000
    Rights: WORLD

In a time of floods, fires, plagues, and famines, nothing could be more pertinent than the work of Maya/Irish writer and artist annie ross. Some People Fall in the Lodge and Eat Berries All Winter, her follow-up to Pots and Other Living Beings, gives voice to the pain of living “where the machine is the exalted power.” This new series of prose and poems, anchored by woodcuts by the author, explores extinctions, species interdependence, environmental justice, soul loss in modernity, the natural and Supernatural worlds, and animal rights and power, always keeping peace and love for Mother Earth in view.

By annie ross

annie ross (Maya/Irish) works with and in communities, and is in love with Mother Earth and all of her Natural and Supernatural Beings.

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news | 2022-03-15
Cover Art Creates a Hummingbird Highway

…out for annie ross’s forthcoming book of poetry, Some People Fall in the Lodge and Then Eat Berries All Winter. Who knows what animal visits it will prompt? …