Pots and Other Living BeingsFront Cover

ISBN: 9781772012361 | paperback / softback

$19.95 | 208 pages | Pub. Date: 2019
9 W × 6 H × 1 D inches
Poetry | forthcoming | Bisac: POE023040
ISBN 13: 9781772012361 | Rights: WORLD

Pots and Other Living Beings is a literally and visually compelling first poetry collection by upcoming Indigenous artist annie ross. The text combines socially conscious poems with geographically grounded photographs, each describing an aspect of living in the postmodern, neoliberal age. All compositions emphasize in evocative ways our times’ disillusions and disenchantments, promised and failed utopias, material and cultural ruins, alienations and dispossessions. The work stems from the poet’s gathering of thousands of photographs and field notes during a research trip to the Southwestern United States, exploring the founding, making, dreaming, and proliferation of nuclear weapons since the 1940s. The poems in Pots and Other Living Beings hint at and reflect upon the food, arts, schools, hospitals, family farms, and alternate existences peoples could have enjoyed if our resources, imagination, time, and energy had been directed towards l i f e, in all of its forms.

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news | 2019-06-20
Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day

…forthcoming this fall is annie ross’s Pots and Other Living Beings as well as Kim Senklip Harvey’s Kamloopa: …