Pacific WindowsFront Cover
Pacific Windows
By Roy K. Kiyooka
Edited by Roy Miki

Winner 1997 Association of Asian Americal Studies Poetry Award

The most important poetic works of Roy Kiyooka.

$29.95 | 320 pages | Pub. Date: 1997
7.00 W × 10.00 H × 1 D inches
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ISBN 13: 9780889223783 | Rights: WORLD

page as bone – ink as bloodFront Cover
page as bone – ink as blood
By Jónína Kirton

Death, desire, and divination are the threads running through Jónína Kirton’s debut collection of poems and lyric prose. Delicate and dark, the pieces are like whispers in the night – a haunted, quiet telling of truths the mind has locked away but the body remembers. Loosely autobiographical, these are the…

$16.95 | 96 pages | Pub. Date: 2015
6 W × 9 H × .5 D inches
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ISBN 13: 9780889229235 | Rights: WORLD

Peace in DuressFront Cover
Peace in Duress
By Janet Rogers

Mohawk spoken-word artist Janet Marie Rogers’s newest collection pulses with the rhythms of the drum and the beat of the heart. Poems drawing on the language of the earth and inflected with the outspoken vocality of activism address the crises of modern “land wars” – environmental destruction, territorial disputes, and resource depletion. This unique poetry wants to be spoken (aloud).

$16.95 | 128 pages | Pub. Date: 2014
8.75 W × 5.25 H × 1 D inches
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ISBN 13: 9780889229112 | Rights: WORLD

Peacock BlueFront Cover
Peacock Blue
By Phyllis Webb
Edited by John F. Hulcoop

When Phyllis Webb published Wilson’s Bowl in 1980, Northrop Frye hailed it as “a landmark in Canadian literature”: landmark, an event that marks a turning point in something (in this case, Canadian literature); and an instantly recognized feature of a landscape (in this case, the landscape of Canadian poetry). Wilson’s…

$45.00 | 512 pages | Pub. Date: 2014
9 W × 6 H × 1 D inches
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ISBN 13: 9780889229129 | Rights: WORLD

Pell MellFront Cover
Pell Mell
By Robin Blaser

Pell Mell imagines an image nation where the heart is always torn to pieces possessed by the other or others.

$17.95 | 120 pages | Pub. Date: 2009
5.00 W × 8.75 H × 0.4 D inches
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ISBN 13: 9780889226012 | Rights: WORLD

PERFACTFront Cover
By Nicole Raziya Fong

“Part treatise on phenomenology, part theatrical score on ontology, part billet-doux to poetry itself” (Divya Victor), PEЯFACT is a three-part series of poems interrogating the nature of experience, language, trauma, and identity. This moving, philosophical debut, whose influences range from Antonin Artaud and Simone Weil to Gertrude Stein and George…

$16.95 | 112 pages | Pub. Date: 2019
5.5 W × 8.5 H × .75 D inches
Poetry | Frontlist | Bisac: POE011000
ISBN 13: 9781772012279 | Rights: WORLD

peter among th towring boxes / text bitesFront Cover
peter among th towring boxes / text bites
By bill bissett

Winner 2003 BC Book Prize: Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize

bissett’s deliciously comic interrogation of the socio-political events towering around us like so many boxes we need constantly to imagine our way out of, is counterpoised in this collection by a recurring dream of a future locked in a global war.

$17.95 | 144 pages | Pub. Date: 2002
6.00 W × 9.00 H × 0.35 D inches
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ISBN 13: 9780889224643 | Rights: WORLD

Popular NarrativesFront Cover
Popular Narratives
By Frank Davey

This book of prose poems strips down the codes and conventions that make up our society’s “popular narratives.” A revealing and witty, exploded view of our culture.

$15.95 | 96 pages | Pub. Date: 1991
6.00 W × 9.00 H × 0.30000000000000004 D inches
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ISBN 13: 9780889222854 | Rights: WORLD

Post-PrairieFront Cover
Edited by Jon Paul Fiorentino & Robert Kroetsch

25 individual talents come together in this groundbreaking collection for a rare literary event: the transition of a cultural identity primarily rooted in place to one that is rooted in a rapidly fragmenting, technology-based globalization.

$19.95 | 160 pages | Pub. Date: 2005
7.00 W × 10.00 H × 0.4 D inches
Poetry | Backlist | Bisac: POE001000
ISBN 13: 9780889225237 | Rights: WORLD

Pound @ GuantánamoFront Cover
Pound @ Guantánamo
By Clint Burnham

Throughout these poems is a meeting of obscene or politically charged material, as well as commentary on language usage under extreme circumstances of duress such as the Arab Spring. This is poetry written under conditions of wartime. The title implies an analogy between Ezra Pound, imprisoned at Pisa after World…

$17.95 | 112 pages | Pub. Date: 2016
5.5 W × 8.5 H × 1 D inches
Poetry | Backlist | Bisac: POE011000
ISBN 13: 9780889229792 | Rights: WORLD

Prairie HarbourFront Cover
Prairie Harbour
By Garry Thomas Morse

In this contrapuntal follow-up to Governor General’s Award finalist Discovery Passages, Garry Thomas Morse traces multiple lines of his mixed ancestry. These include the nomadic “pre-historical” movements of Wakashan speakers who were later to form various West Coast First Nations; the schismatic mindset of Jedidiah Morse, the “father of American…

$18.95 | 176 pages | Pub. Date: 2015
6 W × 9.5 H × 1 D inches
Poetry | Backlist | Bisac: POE011000
ISBN 13: 9780889229402 | Rights: WORLD

Prison Industrial Complex ExplodesFront Cover
Prison Industrial Complex Explodes
By Mercedes Eng

Winner 2018 BC Book Prize: Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize

Combining text from government questionnaires and reports, lyric poetry, and photography, Prison Industrial Complex Explodes examines the possibility of a privatized prison system in Canada leading up to then Prime Minister Harper’s Conservative government passing the Anti-Terrorism Act, also known as Bill C-51. This legislation criminalizes Indigenous peoples’ attempts to…

$17.95 | 112 pages | Pub. Date: 2017
5.5 W × 8.5 H × .75 D inches
Poetry | Backlist | Bisac: POE011000
ISBN 13: 9781772011814 | Rights: WORLD