Earle StreetFront Cover
Earle Street
By Arleen Paré

One of the finest explorations of the local in poetry to be found.

$16.95 | 96 pages | Pub. Date: 2020
6 W × 9 H × 0.256 D inches
Poetry | Backlist | Bisac: POE023000
ISBN 13: 9781772012507 | Rights: WORLD

eat salt | gaze at the oceanFront Cover
eat salt | gaze at the ocean
By Junie Désil

Finalist 2021 The BC and Yukon Book Prizes' Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize

eat salt | gaze at the ocean explores the themes of Black sovereignty, Haitian sovereignty, and Black lives, using the original Haitian zombie as a metaphor for the condition and treatment of Black bodies. Interspersed with textual representations of zombies, Haitian society, and historical policies is the author’s personal narrative…

$17.95 | 96 pages | Pub. Date: 2020
6 W × 9 H × 0.256 D inches
Poetry | Frontlist | Bisac: POE011000
ISBN 13: 9781772012651 | Rights: WORLD

Eight TrackFront Cover
Eight Track
By Oana Avasilichioaei

Finalist 2020 The A. M. Klein Prize for Poetry

Finalist 2020 Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry

Poet and intermedia artist Oana Avasilichioaei’s Eight Track is a transliterary exploration of traces. Sound recordings, surveillance cameras, desert geoglyphs, drone operators, refugee interviews, animal imprints, and audio signals manifest moments of inspired wonder, systems of power, slippages, debris. In “the great era of seeing” when the boundary between tracking…

$19.95 | 208 pages | Pub. Date: 2019
6 W × 7.75 H × 1 D inches
Poetry | Backlist | Bisac: POE011000
ISBN 13: 9781772012385 | Rights: WORLD