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    ISBN: 9780889229501 | Paperback

    80 pages | Pub. Date: 20151013
    5.5 W × 8.5 H × 1 D inches
    Backlist | Drama | Bisac: DRA013000
    Rights: WORLD

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Fatima and her friends call themselves the “jabbers,” because they wear hijab. But when anti-Muslim graffiti appears on the walls of Fatima’s school, Fatima’s parents force her to transfer to a new school. In an unfamiliar environment where none of her peers share the Egyptian-born teen’s background, Fatima starts an unlikely friendship with hoodie-wearing Jorah, a sixteen-year-old with a reputation for anger and maybe being dangerous.

As Jorah and Fatima become friends, both at school and online, their expectations of each other are sometimes challenged and sometimes confirmed. When their feelings for each other become stronger, each is forced to confront not only how they feel about the other, but also how the choices we make are sometimes shaped by a confluence of forces beyond our control.

This second edition incorporates the author’s revisions arising from Jabber’s many productions worldwide.

Cast of 1 woman and 2 men.

Winner 2013 Best New Text, Montreal English Language Theatre Awards

Winner 2019 IKARUS Prize

“Smartly probes the lives of high schoolers struggling with peer expectations and identity problems. As they attempt to navigate the minefield that is the high school hallway, they are warned repeatedly that actions have consequences.”
Winnipeg Free Press

"Not afraid to deal with difficult subject matter such as discrimination, domestic abuse, sexuality, and the danger of online sharing on social media." – Charlebois Post Review

"Youssef illuminates the cosmos of young people ... and brilliantly juxtaposes two cultures."
– Kurier (Vienna)

"A Romeo and Juliet story unfolds in excellently formulated and magically touching dialogues between the two young people."
—Berliner Bildungszeitung

"A wonderfully complex tale that doesn’t feel like a lesson plan."

By Marcus Youssef

Many of Marcus’s plays were written or created with friends and colleagues. They include Winners and Losers, Leftovers, Jabber, How Has My Love Affected You?, Ali and Ali and the aXes of Evil, Adrift, Peter Panties, and A Line in the Sand. These have been performed across North America, Australia, and Europe, and recently off-Broadway.

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Foreword by Dennis Foon

Dennis Foon is a playwright, producer, screenwriter, and novelist.

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Marcus Youssef nominated for Siminovitch Prize!

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