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ISBN: 9781772012224 | paperback / softback

$19.95 | 240 pages | Pub. Date: 2019
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Fiction | Frontlist | Bisac: FIC028070
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A badly injured man. A nationwide power failure. A village buried in snow. A desperate struggle for survival. These are the ingredients of The Weight of Snow, Christian Guay-Poliquin’s riveting new novel. After surviving a major accident, the book’s protagonist is entrusted to Matthias, a taciturn old man who agrees to heal his wounds in exchange for supplies and a chance of escape. The two men become prisoners of the elements and of their own rough confrontation as the centimetres of snow accumulate relentlessly. Surrounded by a nature both hostile and sublime, their relationship oscillates between commiseration, mistrust, and mutual aid. Will they manage to hold out against external threats and intimate pitfalls?

"It’s not easy to make such a simple story both profound and compulsively readable, but Guay-Poliquin pulls it off in this literary page-turner."
Montréal Review of Books

By Christian Guay-Poliquin

Christian Guay-Poliquin was born in Saint-Armand in 1982. He is now developing a thesis project on the hunting narrative and also works in renovation. The pencil behind his ear serves to mark his measures as much as it does to record his ideas. Les fil de kilometres (La Peuplade, 2013) is his first novel, now published in English as Running on Fumes.

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Translated by David Homel

Award-winning author and literary translator David Homel also works as a journalist, editor and screenwriter.

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news | 2019-02-05
Christian Guay Poliquin’s Governor General Award–winning The Weight of Snow Is Here!

…excellent English translation of the novel, The Weight of Snow . After surviving a major accident – during a … in a village buried in snow – the protagonist of The Weight of Snow is entrusted to Matthias, a taciturn old man who … Guay Poliquin’s riveting, exquisitely written The Weight of Snow to find out. Order your copy today! …