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    ISBN: 9780889229099 | Paperback

    112 pages | Pub. Date: 20140909
    8.5 W × 5 H × 1 D inches
    Backlist | Poetry | Bisac: POE011000
    Rights: WORLD

Starting with lyric statement as a point of interrogation, Fortified Castles asks what might cause retreat into the comforting walls of the self. Moving from a tickertape tableau of economic and environmental crisis to the difficulty of finding one another in the streets, these poems locate the Western subject between the ramparts it walks and the barricades it throws up.

Composed in three sections, Fortified Castles constructs a complex web of interpersonal disconnection from the anonymous detritus of our self-obsessed neoliberal moment. Written contemporaneously with the 2008 economic crisis, the first section, “21st Century Monsters,” imagines a number of world-ending scenarios from the collapse of the environment to the collapse of capitalism to the collapse of culture, forming a questioning and questionable primer on the things that terrify us. The second section, “Fortified Castles,” heavily recombines found material in a lengthy serial collage composed of multiplied and impersonal personal statements that add up in unanticipated ways, cascading in knee-jerk patterns of anxious hand-wringing and stubborn unreasonableness.

Written during the 2011 Occupy protests, the final section, “Friendship Is Magic,” positions the hopeful connections of that moment beside the privilege rippling through it, interrogating the very real tension between working collectively and living comfortably.

“…at turns whimsical, earnest, ironic, and confounding – often within the same poem. It’s a pleasure to wind through its twists and blind alleys.”
this magazine

“With sunshine enough to fill lonely bottles, fitzpatrick shoots a friendly neighbourhood spitball that props us up at the door of a room we long for, and long to leave, oh so thankful for its lock.”
– Chris Ewart, author of Miss Lamp

"Through[out] Fortified Castles, fitzpatrick utilizes a kind of collage/cut-up method of accumulation to engage elements of the Occupy Movement, endless series of phrases, consequences and histories, managing to capture an enormous amount of activity in such compact spaces.”
– rob mclennan’s blog

“Fortified Castles is a book full of twists: a series of ambiguous manuals, a book-length personality quiz gone terribly awry. At first glance, characters seem self-assured ... fitzpatrick’s playful voices point to a larger confusion. – Sandy Pool, author of Exploding into Night and Undark

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