Real MothersFront Cover
Real Mothers
By Audrey Thomas

Short stories about mothers and the politics of the family.

$18.95 | 176 pages | Pub. Date: 1981
6.00 W × 9.00 H × 0.60000000000000009 D inches
Fiction | Backlist | Bisac: FIC029000
ISBN 13: 9780889221918 | Rights: WORLD

Rite of PassageFront Cover
Rite of Passage
By Michel Tremblay
Translated by Linda Gaboriau

At the crossroads that lead to the end of childhood, Nana faces the hectic passage of her adolescence and the new responsibilities that fall on her shoulders when her grandmother Josephine approaches death. In parallel, Nana’s rebellious mother Maria, back in Montreal, languishes, torn between conflicting desires.

$16.95 | 208 pages | Pub. Date: 2019
5.5 W × 8.5 H × 1.5 D inches
Fiction | Backlist | Bisac: FIC043000
ISBN 13: 9781772012354 | Rights: WORLD

Rogue Cells / Carbon HarbourFront Cover
Rogue Cells / Carbon Harbour
By Garry Thomas Morse

Short-listed 2014 ReLit Awards, novel category

In Rogue Cells, Oober Mann emerges from his cryobed on high alert in New Haudenosaunee, a nation at war with the mysterious territory Nutella during a critical election year. Citizens here live in dread of celebrities who carry out terrorist actions in defence of their own fundamentalist belief systems, including…

$19.95 | 448 pages | Pub. Date: 2013
8.5 W × 5.5 H × 1.5 D inches
Fiction | Backlist | Bisac: FIC028010
ISBN 13: 9780889227767 | Rights: WORLD

Running on FumesFront Cover
Running on Fumes
By Christian Guay-Poliquin
Translated by Jacob Homel

When the electricity inexplicably goes out nationwide, the mundanities of life gradually shift to the rigours of survival. In this post-apocalyptic setting, an unnamed mechanic jumps into his beat-up car and drives east, journeying 4,736 kilometres to reach his dying father. As the narrator’s journey becomes one of essentials –…

$14.95 | 160 pages | Pub. Date: 2016
5.5 W × 8.5 H × 1 D inches
Fiction | Backlist | Bisac: FIC019000
ISBN 13: 9780889229754 | Rights: WORLD