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Cold Comfort
a play of love & bondage
By Jim Garrard

Cold Comfort: a play of love & bondage is the third in a quartet of plays that Jim Garrard calls “Bondage Plays for My Country.” The play could take place anywhere along the Trans-Canada Highway, but it happens to be set in Saskatchewan, the geographic centre of the country. There are three characters in the play: Dolores, a fifteen-year-old girl who wants to know more about the world than what the window and the household TV can tell her; Floyd, her father, with whom she lives in an abandoned service station, whose paternal misdeeds form the sinister backdrop for the play’s action; and Stephen, the proverbial travelling salesman, who unwittingly stumbles into this complex relationship and finally becomes victim to it. Cold Comfort was first produced by 25th Street Theatre in Saskatoon; then at the Salon Theatre at the Toronto Theatre Festival. It was revived in Toronto by Theatre Passe Muraille; and has been produced in Vancouver at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre.

By Jim Garrard

Sophie Bienvenu is a Québécois writer. After studying visual communication in Paris, she settled in Quebec in 2001 and quickly established herself as a successful blogger. Et au pire, on se mariera (La Mèche) her first novel, was followed by Chercher Sam (translation forthcoming from Talonbooks, 2019), and Autour d’elle, translated as Around Her by Rhonda Mullins (Talonbooks, 2018). Ceci n’est pas de l’amour (This Is Not Love) was her first poetry collection, published in 2016 by Poètes de brousse. Bienvenu’s writing takes its readers on an emotional journey, an intense exploration of profoundly human characters, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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