Standing in a River of Time Front Cover

Paperback / softback
ISBN: 9781772013795
Pages: 224
Pub. Date: March 9 2022
Dimensions: 9" x 6" x 0.6875"
Rights: Available: WORLD
Poetry / POE011010

  • POETRY / Canadian
  • POETRY / Subjects & Themes / Death, Grief, Loss
  • POETRY / Women Authors
  • POETRY / Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island

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Standing in a River of Time

By Jónína Kirton

Standing in a River of Time merges poetry and lyrical memoir on a journey exposing the intergenerational effects of colonization on a Métis family. Kirton does not shy away from hard realities, meeting them head on, but always treating them with respect and the love stemming from a lifetime of spiritual healing and decades of sobriety. This collection unravels painful memories and a mixed-blood woman’s journey towards wholeness. The Ancestors whisper to Kirton throughout, asking her to heal, to bring them home, so that within these stories of redemption and loss the dead walk with us, their presence felt as the story unfurls in unexpected ways. Kirton does not offer false hope, nor does she push us towards answers we are not yet ready for. Instead, she gestures towards the many healing modalities she has explored as she discovers that the path to reconciliation is not only a long and winding road, but also that it begins with those closest to us.

"Kirton travels backward and forward in her life, weaving poetry and lyric prose into a formally taut, spiritually expansive memoir of trauma, loss and survival.” – Winnipeg Free Press