Bonjour, Là, Bonjour Front Cover

Paperback / softback
ISBN: 9780889222526
Pages: 92
Pub. Date: January 1 1990
Dimensions: 9" x 6" x 0.25"
Rights: Available: WORLD
Drama / DRA013000

  • DRAMA / Canadian

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Bonjour, Là, Bonjour

By Michel Tremblay
Translated by John Van Burek & Bill Glassco

Michel Tremblay considers Bonjour, Là, Bonjour to be the best of all his works. “In Bonjour, Là, Bonjour, I apprehended the most of what I wanted to do in the theatre—to take out everything that is not strictly necessary.“

This new substantially revised translation by John Van Burek and Bill Glassco updates their original English translation of Bonjour, Là, Bonjour which has been available from Talonbooks since 1975.

Cast of 6 women and 2 men.

“Dialogue functions like movements in a piece of music. It’s confusing at first, until the individual parts cohere into duets, trios, quartets, and octets. … At the heart of the play is a secret that each family member already knows or should suspect, but has never acknowledged. … Bonjour, là, Bonjour was first performed in Québécois French by the Compagnie des Deux Chaises at the National Art Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, in 1974. Tremblay used his working-class background as source material.”
Santa Fe New Mexican