Photo of Weyman Chan looking off to the right.

Weyman Chan

Finalist for the 2008 Governor General’s Award for his second book of poetry, Noise From the Laundry, Weyman Chan divides his time between writing, family, electron micrographs, and nonsequitor fluxes in spacetime, brought on by insomnia… Skittles! As poetry editor of Calgary’s experimental literary magazine, fillingStation, he’s convinced that alien intelligence has already nested in every branch of our language tree. His fifth poetry book, Human Tissue—a primer for Not Knowing, examines rage and the quest for origin. His chapbook, Isobars, was published in 2017 as a part of the Loft-on-Eighth Press series, “Inner City Stories.”


Short-listed 2010 W.O. Mitchell Literary Prize Finalist, 2010

Noise from the Laundry

Short-listed 2009 Acorn Plantos Award for People's Poetry

Short-listed 2008 Governor General's Literary Awards for Poetry