Jonathon Young

Jonathon Young’s previous collaborative plays include Brilliant! The Blinding Enlightenment of Nikola Tesla, The Score, and Palace Grand. Young is a co-founders, with Kevin Kerr, Kim Collier, and David Hudgins, of Electric Company Theatre. Originally formed as a theatre collective in 1996, Electric Company Theatre is now a leading force in the Vancouver theatre scene, creating original work that is rich in spectacle, adventurous in form, and strong in narrative.

news | 2014-11-28
Cue the Arrival of Tear the Curtain!

Tear the Curtain! , a psychological thriller set in a fictionalized …

news | 2014-07-23
Our Fall 2014 Lineup!

…of Sweden, a feminist before her time ($17.95). Tear the Curtain! , a psychological thriller set in 1930’s …

news | 2011-06-30
Kudos to the Winners of 2011 Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards!

…the following award recipients: The Arts Club’s Tear the Curtain! (produced in association with Electric Company …

news | 2010-11-02
Electric Company's Bright Lights

…together the scintillating theatre experience Tear the Curtain! at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage in …

news | 2010-10-04
Kim Collier Short-listed for Siminovitch Prize

…has created and directed the innovative feature Tear the Curtain! with Jonathon Young and Kevin Kerr. …

news | 2010-08-18
Tear the Curtain!

Tear the Curtain! has been custom built for the Arts Club Stanley … will run from September 9 to October 10. Visit Tear the Curtain! for more information. …