Photo of Deanna Fong, Karis Shearer, and Gladys Maria Hindmarch.

Deanna Fong

Deanna Fong is a Postdoctoral Fellow in English and History at Concordia University in Montréal, Canada, where her research focuses on the intersections of auditory media, ethics, and listening. She is a member of the federally funded SpokenWeb team, who have developed a web-based archive of digitized sound recordings for literary study. With Ryan Fitzpatrick and Janey Dodd, she co-directs the audio/multimedia archive of Canadian poet Fred Wah, and has done substantial cataloguing and critical work on the audio archives of Japanese Canadian poet and painter Roy Kiyooka. She is the author of chapters in the forthcoming books Canlit Across Media: Unarchiving the Literary Event (McGill-Queens UP, 2020) and Pictura: Essays on the Life and Work of Roy Kiyooka (Guernica Editions, 2020).