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December 2015

Saturday December 12, 2015
Songs in the key of Cree with Tomson Highway, Toronto

January 2016

Saturday January 9, 2016
Dr. Carl Peters speaks at the MLA convention

Tuesday January 19, 2016
Play: “Seeds” by Annabel Soutar in West Vancouver, BC

Tuesday January 26, 2016
Charlie Demers & Marcus Youssef’s “Leftovers” at PuSh Festival, Vancouver

February 2016

Thursday February 4, 2016
Play: “The (Post) Mistress” by Tomson Highway, Vancouver

Tuesday February 16, 2016
Play: “Winners and Losers” in Vancouver

March 2016

Wednesday March 2, 2016
Play: Michel Tremblay’s Les Belles-Soeurs in Saskatoon

Thursday March 10, 2016
Play: Chekhov’s “The Seagull”, translated by David French, in Mississauga, ON

April 2016

Friday April 1, 2016
Play: “Dead Metaphor” at the Firehall Arts Centre, Vancouver

Thursday April 7, 2016
Play: “The Valley” by Joan MacLeod, Vancouver
Posted: Monday July 16, 2012
Ray Manzarek & Michael McClure - The Third Mind

Ray Manzarek & Michael McClure are set to release their all new album “The Piano Poems – Live From San Francisco” on Oglio Records August 14th, 2012.

This video clip from the Oglio Home Video release “The Third Mind” gives a short history of these two great artists and their collaboration.

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Recent news Articles
Thursday November 26, 2015 in Meta-Talon

“One may reach the First Emperor upon the highway of the mind.”

Today on Meta-Talon, read excerpts from Jack Winter’s new novel, Tales of the Emperor.

Here, then, is my first advice. Collect tales! National ballads, political songs, odes of lamentation by the wearied and the slandered, festive hymns on fixed occasions, murderous anecdotes and tomes, imprecations, work cries, gossip, curses … Collect them, and command their collection, and prefer those by whom they are collected! Is it not by attending their tales that one locates the pulse of the people? …
Friday November 13, 2015 in Meta-Talon

Read the opening scene from Moss Park by George F. Walker

Canada’s top playwright takes on teen pregnancy in two comic dramas for young people. Moss Park and Tough! collects two plays by George F. Walker – the iconic Tough!, which first premiered more than twenty years ago, and its sequel, Moss Park, which picks up two years after the first left off. On Meta-Talon today, read part of the opening scene from Moss Park.

Thursday November 5, 2015 in Meta-Talon

Contours of Thinking Skin: Two Poems from Impeccable Regret by Judith Fitzgerald

Almost two decades since her last book of poetry, Judith Fitzgerald returns with the publication of Impeccable Regret, a collection that jostles the truth of experience, shaping intimate loss into a lucent beauty that expiates sorrow. In Impeccable Regret, language hurtles into itself, embodying a negative capability that revives the coupling of amor and mort. On Meta-Talon today, enjoy two poems from this collection.

Tuesday November 3, 2015 in Meta-Talon

“It’s called a hijab.” “Oh. Do you wear it all the time?” (A Scene from Jabber)

Like many outgoing young women, Fatima feels rebellious against parents she sees as strict. It just so happens that she is Egyptian-born and wears a hijab. When anti-Muslim graffiti appears on the walls of her school, Fatima transfers to a new school. The guidance counsellor there, Mr. E., does his best to help Fatima fit in, but despite his advice she starts an unlikely friendship with Jorah, who has a reputation for anger issues. Maybe, just maybe, Fatima and Jorah start to, like, like each other …

On Meta-Talon today, read part of the scene from Marcus Youssef’s Jabber in which Fatima and Jorah meet for the first time.

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