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Posted: Thursday September 24, 2015
Ask Dina and Daniel: Satiric and poetic advice for your love life

Dina and Daniel, the dynamic duo behind Rom Com and Ask Dina and Daniel, a tumblr through which they respond to romantically challenging questions

In advance of the publication of their co-authored collection of poetry, Rom Com, Dina Del Bucchia and Daniel Zomparelli provide lexy, sexy responses to a variety of questions related to life and love on their tumblr, Ask Dina and Daniel. Below is just one tantalizing sample.

Dear Dina and Daniel, I’m a fairly successful, career focused, well articulated guy with a healthy work life balance, but when it comes to women, I find myself floundering when having casual conversation. How do I show the women I meet how awesome I am without feeling like I’m bragging or being a used car salesman? – Signed, Flounder

Dear Flounder (or If You’re In a Romantic Comedy and You Don’t Know What to Do You Make a List)

Feel harder.
Step back and feel yourself up.
Step back again.
Wash your hands.
Be ready to face faces that might respond with vacant boredom.
Make a pro and con list about yourself.
Study it.
Burn it in a small alley fire and claim an arsonist did it.
Consider the used car salesman, the burden of stereotypes.
Imagine yourself trying to sell a used car, a used pomelo, a used body.
Remember the way your own body felt used, a fleshly human body during that time you felt yourself up.
Question what healthy means.
Research the history of “work life balance.”
Try to write a 2000 word report on your findings.
Live in just a wading pool’s worth of fear.
Talk to a woman like you care what will happen to her in the future, like her history is important but not wholly defining, like you might like to understand her every word.
Wait for her to ask you a question and respond with honesty, fear, and little bit of used car salesmen.

Send a dick pic.

Read more on the Ask Dina and Daniel tumblr.

Rom Com is now available for $19.95.