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Posted: Thursday March 26, 2015
All Aboard! (A Poem from Limbinal)

Limbinal is a new collection of poetry by Oana Avasilichioaei. As its hybrid title suggests, speaks in the porous space between a limb’s articulations and a liminal border. Formally diverse, the pieces in Limbinal intersect prose fragments with incantatory dialogues, poetic footnotes with photographic phrases, rebellious translations with liquid transpositions.

Enjoy this poem, found on page 41 of Limbinal.

All Aboard!

At dawn, when the ship seemed steady below me, its flamed helm
pointing us west, I would take my rare strolls between Cancer and
Capricorn, starboard, to watch the peril of my successors set adrift,
the way fog might drift. I knew the route of the new Columbus
was not through those straits, but the row of sails, wind-swollen,
were urging us all on.

I can’t trust the sea. (With its foam and convulsive gasps, its
hospitality for all creatures save us, breathing heavily on this
wooden tub.) I’m not much of a sailor.

One morning, I thought I saw the archipelago, lacy shores of those
islands we were all longing for. I raised the alarm. I wanted to be
the messenger.

In exchange for a moment of rest, beneath my bare feet the sand
catches fire. In the balance of the posthumous flora, we are
refused, forbidden from alighting.

I floated away from that silken shore of the first parting from myself.

We’ve no choice but to continue our journey, though I know I
have nothing to offer. I am simply a man with a boat.

Limbinal is now available from Talonbooks for $19.95.