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Posted: Tuesday October 13, 2015
“50 First Kates,” a poem from Rom Com

The Vancouver launch of Rom Com is in just two days! Get yourself in the mood by reading a poem from this irreverent, funny book of poems that celebrate and satirize the rom com film genre. Enjoy “50 First Kates,” which comes from pages 16–17 of Rom Com by Dina Del Bucchia and Daniel Zomparelli. And order your copy of the book today ($19.95)!

50 First Kates

Someone plays a character named Kate.

Someone plays Kate as a lonely heart.

Someone plays Kate as a shrew.

Someone plays Kate as the boring protagonist with funny friends.

Someone plays Kate badly.

Someone plays Kate as a person deserving or undeserving of love.

Someone plays Kate as a player.

Someone plays Kate because Mila dropped out.

Someone plays Kate because Kate dropped out.

Sometimes a Kate replaces a Kate.

There are actors named Kate.

Actors named Kate are American.

Actors named Kate are British.

Actors named Kate are not defined by geography, only their ability to turn words on paper into love.

Actors named Kate appear.

Actors named Kate disappear.

Actors named Kate gain visibility through the use of newborns, divorces, Vanity Fair.

Actors named Kate hide their feelings.

Actors named Kate are varied in their Kateness.

Actors named Kate should not be compared.

Actors named Kate are all we have, it seems.

Sometimes a Kate plays a team player.

Sometimes a Kate eats kale.

Sometimes a Kate tries slapstick.

Sometimes a Kate is just a Kate.

Sometimes a Kate plays a Kate and the world lurches into a new existence.

Sometimes a Kate plays a Catherine in period costume, and there is heightened drama for only a few seconds during an entire movie.

Sometimes Kate fights with Anne in a movie about weddings no one wants to attend.

Sometimes Kate dates old men.

Sometimes Kate grates.

Sometimes Kate is greater than the sum of letters in her name.

Kate is plain.

Kate is bold.

Kate is tradition.

Kate is a metaphor for all women.

Kate rhymes with many words.

Kate can’t skate.

Kate breaks up with husbands and never looks back.

Kate breaks down on the way to the grocery store because she’s afraid of being compared to thin stalks of asparagus.

Kate applies make up.

Kate applies herself.

Kate stands up.

Kate transcends.

Kate stars.

Kate eases.

Kate whispers.

Kate reminds.

Kate Kate Kate Kate Kate Kate Kate Kate Kate Kate Kate.