catalogues | Thursday July 11, 2024

Talonbooks Complete 2024 Catalogue

We are thrilled about the Talonbooks titles making their way to a bookstore near you this year.

Forthcoming in non-fiction is the winner of the 2020 Grand Prix du Livre de Montréal! The Boys’ Club: The Many Worlds of Male Power by Martine Delvaux and translated by Katia Grubisic is both an activist text and a work of scholarship examining the brazen misogyny of men in power across fields, including Hollywood, politics, tech, law enforcement, architecture, religion, and the military.

2024 is a stellar year for new plays, which bring wit, guts, and wisdom to the front. Redbone Coonhound by Amy Lee Lavoie and Omari Newton follows interracial couple Mike and Marissa. They meet a dog with an unfortunate breed name: Redbone coonhound, unleashing a debate about race and their relationship that manifests as a series of satirical micro-plays. Cottage Radio & Other Plays by Taylor Marie Graham introduce us to the tough and witty women of Southwestern Ontario. Inspired by a true story, we the same by Sangeeta Wylie takes us to 1979 Việt Nam, where six children and a mother become separated from their father and husband as they flee their homeland by boat. Thirty-five years later, the mother shares secrets that escort the past into the present. Feast by Guillermo Delvecchia is a magic-realist examination of the anxieties of the early twenty-first century by way of a comfortable North American family grappling with global crises and their own extractive appetites. Anosh Irani new play Behind the Moon is set in a Mughlai restaurant in Toronto where protagonist Ayub must contend with the family he’s left behind and the terrible circumstances. Finally, an unexpected (possibly metaphysical) stranger arrives for dinner at the home of three recluses in the new play Withrow Park by Governor General’s Literary Award–winner Morris Panych.

The name of the game for the poetry on Talonbooks’ 2024 list is hybrid forms. In Wet, a collection of poetry and photography, Leanne Dunic unravels complexities of social stratification, sexual privation, and environmental catastrophe. Tiziana La Melia fuses poetry and visual art in her environmentalist and experimental collection lettuce lettuce please go bad. Documentary poetics are on full display in the forthcoming copy city swagger by Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize–winner Mercedes Eng as she blends poetry, excerpts from news articles and interviews to interrogate whose safety matters in the city of Vancouver and beyond. Musical scores, photography, theatre, and symphony come together in Chambersonic by award-winning writer, translator, musician, and artist Oana Avasilichioaei. In sophie anne edward debut collection Conversations with the Kagawong River, poetry and visual art merge in a site-specific engagement with the ecosystem of Mnidoo Mnising (Manitoulin Island). A Jamali Rad forthcoming No Signal No Noise is part poetry, part experimental novel, and part philosophical treatise, following protagonist Zero as they stumble upon a mysterious manuscript and are thrown into a journey across centuries, continents, and concepts. With a flair for the comedic, Jump Scare by Daniel Zomparelli digs into mental health, neurodivergence, grief, pop culture, queer consumer culture, and the commodification of identity. You’re Gonna Love This by Dina Del Bucchia is a deeply personal, working-class long poem about how media culture’s around-the-clock presence impacts our connection to the world. Finally, award-winning author Stephen Collis returns with The Middle, an investigation of threatened climate futures with a particular focus on the human-plant relationship.

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catalogues | Wednesday May 1, 2024

Talonbooks Complete 2023 Catalogue

The 2023 catalogue is replete with avant-garde, mould-shattering, important works in fiction, non-fiction, drama, and poetry.

A project nearly a decade in the making, 2023 saw the release of Lha yudit’ih We Always Find a Way: Bringing the Tŝilhqot’in Title Case Home by Lorraine Weir with Chief Roger William, a community oral history of Tsilhqot’in Nation v. British Columbia, the first case in Canada to result in a declaration of Aboriginal Rights and Title to a specific piece of land. M.A.C. Farrant delights in her new work Jigsaw, where she explores existence, love, joy, science, history, aging, roads, cows, Buddhism, and more through our seemingly universal love of jigsaw puzzles. Community leader and activist Art Miki released his memoir Gaman – Perseverance: Japanese Canadians’ Journey to Justice which recounts the long journey towards resolution for the historic injustice that deprived Japanese Canadians of their basic human rights during and after World War II.

The 2023 poetry list is bursting with exceptional authors. We are so pleased to have introduced Another Order: Selected Works by Judith Copithorne and edited by Eric Schmaltz. This book gathers the previously inaccessible, genre-defying poetry, art, and prose of Judith Copithorne, an important figure in feminist Canadian poetry. 2023 saw the release of Song & Dread, a new collection from award-winning author Otoniya J. Okot Bitek. andrea bennett released their remarkable collection the berry takes the shape of the bloom explores familial and romantic relationships, parent and child, partner and ex, as a trans person. Nikki Reimer challenges the petrostate in No Town Called We and Wanda John-Kehewin “stands in her truth” as she takes on colonialism in Spells, Wishes, and the Talking Dead: ᒪᒪᐦᑖᐃᐧᓯᐃᐧᐣ ᐸᑯᓭᔨᒧᐤ ᓂᑭᐦᒋ ᐋᓂᐢᑯᑖᐹᐣ mamahtâwisiwin, pakosêyimow, nikihci-âniskotâpân, a finalist for the Raymond Souster Prize. Samantha Nock astonishes with her stunning debut, Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize finalist A Family of Dreamers, a love song to northern cuzzins, dive bars, growing up a young Indigenous woman in rural northeast British Columbia, and coming of age in the city.

In drama, local history takes centre stage in The Ballad of Ginger Goodwin & Kitimat by Elaine Ávila and Shadow Catch by Daphne Marlatt. Marcus Youssef and James Long look at Vancouver’s possible future in their surrealist new play Do you mind if I sit here? and coping with personal hardship during the climate crisis comes to the forefront in the darkly-funny No More Harveys by Chantal Bilodeau and modern myth retelling Antigone in Spring by Nathalie Boisvert and translated by Hugh Hazelton.

Download the Talonbooks Complete 2023 Catalogue here.

catalogues | Friday January 19, 2024

Talonbooks 2023 Indigenous Catalogue

Download our 2023 Indigenous catalogue
This catalogue profiles Talonbooks titles that are written by Indigenous people, or that are about or for Indigenous people, or address Indigenous subjects – including Indigenous past and contemporary history, sociology, and ethnography.

It includes work by Drew Hayden Taylor, Annie York, Marie Clements, Natasha Kanapé Fontaine, Bev Sellars, Jordan Abel, Chris Arnett, Tomson Highway, Kevin Loring, Jónína Kirton, Joshua Whitehead, and many more.

catalogues | Thursday January 18, 2024

Talonbooks 2022 Fall Catalogue

Our 2022 Fall catalogue includes new work by Martine Desjardins, Edward Byrne, Danielle LaFrance, annie ross, Weyman Chan, and Cecily Nicholson, as well as drama titles by Michel Marc Bouchard and Elaine Ávila

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catalogues | Wednesday July 19, 2023

Talonbooks Complete 2022 Catalogue

Our complete 2022 catalogue showcases new works of poetry, fiction, drama, and non-fiction, including The Piano Teacher by Dorothy Dittrich which won 2022 Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama, finalist for the 2023 Pat Lowther Memorial Award and the 2023 Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize HARROWINGS by Cecily Nicholson, finalist for the 2022 Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama Inheritance: a pick-the-path experience by Daniel Arnold, Darrell Dennis, and Medina Hahn, and a slew of other phenomenal titles by the likes of bill bissett, Jónína Kirton, Weyman Chan, and more!

Download the Talonbooks Complete Catalogue 2022 here.

catalogues | Tuesday July 18, 2023

Talonbooks Complete 2021 Catalogue

Our complete 2021 catalogue features work from M.A.C. Farrant, Kevin Loring, Daphne Marlatt, Nicole Raziya Fong, two new titles in the Desrosiers Diaspora by Michel Tremblay translated by Sheila Fischman and Linda Gaboriau, and more!

Download the Talonbooks Complete Catalogue 2021 here.

catalogues | Tuesday January 25, 2022

Talonbooks 2022 Spring Catalogue

Our 2022 Springl catalogue includes new work by Christian Guay-Poliquin (translated by David Homel), Jónína Kirton, Catriona Strang, Ivan Drury, bill bissett, as well as drama titles by Andrew Kushnir and Khari Wendell McClelland, Marcus Youssef, Rachel Aberle, Dorothy Dittrich

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catalogues | Monday October 25, 2021

Talonbooks 2021 Fall Catalogue

Our 2021 Fall catalogue includes new work by Michel Tremblay (translated by Sheila Fischman and Linda Gaboriau), Rahat Kurd, Nicole Raziya Fong, Razielle Aigen, ryan Fitzpatrick, Dale Martin Smith, Daniel Arnold, Darrell Dennis, Medina Hahn, and Daniel Brooks!
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catalogues | Wednesday December 9, 2020

Talonbooks 2021 Winter Catalogue

Our 2021 Winter catalogue includes new work by Maylis de Kerangal (translated by Jessica Moore), Daphne Marlatt, M.A.C. Farrant, Anahita Jamali Rad, Leanne Dunic, and Stephen Collis!

Download our Talonbooks Winter 2021 Catalogue Talonbooks 2021 Winter Catalogue Cover

catalogues | Monday June 22, 2020

Talonbooks 2020 Fall Catalogue

Our 2020 catalogue includes new work and work in translation – including a Governor General Award winner, and a finalist – from Frédérick Lavoie, Donald Winkler, Larry Tremblay, Sheila Fischman, Sophie Bienvenu, Gladys (Maria) Hindmarch, Laiwan, Arleen Paré, Margaret Christakos, Mercedes Eng, Dave Deveau, Marie Clements, Anne-Marie Saint-Cerny, Dukesang Wong, David McIlwraith, Michel Tremblay, Junie Désil, Taryn Hubbard, Fred Wah, Colin Browne, Ellie Moon, Marcus Youssef, Tetsuro Shigematsu, Jordan Abel, Annie York, Richard Daly, and Chris Arnett!

Download our Talonbooks 2020 Fall Catalogue Talonbooks 2020 Fall Catalogue Cover