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Mom's the Word
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Sunday March 28, 2010 in Books

Mom's the Word

By Linda A. Carson & Jill Daum & Barbara Pollard

Co-written by: Linda A. Carson, Jill Daum, Alison Kelly, Robin Nichol, Barbara Pollard, and Deborah Williams

Mom’s the Word was created out of a Saturday morning writers’ support group. Getting together to share their experiences, six women performers struck upon the idea to write about what they were going through as mothers trying to maintain their careers, their individual identities, and their relationships with their partners. The result is an evening of hilarious stories, bittersweet monologues, poetic reflections and revelatory anecdotes. Touching tales of giving birth to a premature baby are balanced against comic, ribald rants on diaper soup; whispered, hesitant conversations about sex after children; and the desperate confessionals of the over-stressed.

All six moms have two children, display the keenly-honed emotional edge of the sleep-deprived, and share among themselves (and with the audience) some of the most outrageous stories ever heard on the agony and ecstasy of motherhood—all of them true. In her introduction, Barbara Crook allows us to meet the participants in this extraordinary collaboration and chronicles the evolution of the play from life to art. Mom’s the Word offers its audiences an emotional nakedness that is instantly recognizable as elemental. An evening with these Moms is one of those rare occasions where life, stripped to its essentials, does not imitate art, but lifts itself on its diaper-pins to become art.

The result is one of the most popular shows ever to come out of the Vancouver theatre community. Originally presented at the 1994 Women in View Festival, Mom’s the Word moved rapidly from smaller stages to a tour of Western Canada in 1996-1997; to Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth in 1998; to London in 1999; and is scheduled for performances in the USA, Israel and Spain in 2000.

For performance rights, contact:
Colin Rivers, Marquis Entertainment

ISBN 13: 9780889224315 | ISBN 10: 889224315
5.5 W x 8.5 H inches | 112 pages
$16.95 CAN / $12.95 US
Rights: World
Backlist | Drama | Bisac: DRA013000
Paperback Edition


“A collectively-created play that’s toured the world and been frequently revived since its first performance back in 1995. … It’s easy to see here why this play has endured for more than two decades – it’s honest, it’s funny, and even non-moms will find lots to enjoy here. … I laughed a lot – and came away an even bigger fan of my mom.”
—CBC News

“I’d almost forgotten what it’s like to enjoy a show this much.”
Georgia Straight

Mom’s the Word is a time-tested hit for a good reason: It lays out the craziness of being a new parent, with unapologetic, hilarious commiseration and moments of tenderness to cling to. Even 21 years after it first hit the stage, the play’s [2016] Belfry Theatre [Victoria, BC] opening … proved it still hits home for anyone with a new mom, or child, in their lives. … Mom’s the Word is the kind of show you can’t help but bring a personal lens to. Luckily, it has enough laughs and sweet moments to appeal to just about anybody. For me, the dialogue felt familiar, an accurate reflection of chitchat with other moms. … The play has been updated over the years. The cast is more diverse, and pop-culture references have been tucked in, but it still feels slightly dated. That might be for the best, though, as the audiences will likely span generations of parents.”
Victoria Times Colonist


Winner of the 1995 Jessie Richardson Award for Outstanding Original Play or Musical (Arts Club Theatre)

About the Contributors

Linda A. Carson

Linda Carson is a graduate of Canada’s renowned Studio 58 acting program and has been a professional actor, clown and writer for the past sixteen years. Linda’s first play “Dying To Be Thin” won a Jessie Richardson Award in Vancouver. Carson is part of the creative team that wrote the award winning, internationally acclaimed hit Mom’s the Word, available from Talonbooks.

Jill Daum

Jill Daum is a graduate of the Studio 58 Acting Program in Vancouver Canada. Immediately after completing her training she began a career which has spanned 20 years thus far. Jill has worked as a writer and actor in theatre, film, television and radio. Daum is part of the creative team that wrote the award winning, internationally acclaimed hit Mom’s the Word, available from Talonbooks.

Barbara Pollard

A professional in theatre, film and television for over 30 years, Barbara Pollard enjoyed the thrill of doing the role she created for Mum’s The Word in Scotland’s sold out tour of 2002. A former member of Stratford Shakespearean Festival (Canada), she now resides in Vancouver where she works as an actress, director, writer, teacher and creator. Pollard is part of the creative team that wrote the award winning, internationally acclaimed hit Mom’s the Word, available from Talonbooks.

Mom's the Word

Linda A. Carson & Jill Daum & Barbara Pollard

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