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Lost in North America (ebook)
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Thursday November 21, 2013 in Books

Lost in North America (ebook)
The Imaginary Canadian in the American Dream

By John MacLachlan Gray

Lost in North America is a caustic, humorous exploration of a Canada we don’t often talk about-a collective mental creation of great charm and complexity, hovering precariously somewhere in Video North America, in disguise as the most successful colony in the history of the world. Lost in North America is a personal, idiosyncratic tour of the collective work of art called Canada at the close of the 20th century, conducted by a guide who is himself deeply puzzled about his location-a sixth-generation English-Canadian, one of the “hidden people” from the archetypical Canadian village, trained into habits of ritual agreement, oppressive goodwill, in a state of perpetual high anxiety, dogged by the Protestant ethic, dazzled by American culture, maddened by Quebec, distressed by the Native People, deceived by Ottawa, for whom one question remains to be answered: Is any of it real?

ISBN 13: 9780889228689 | ISBN 10: 088922868X
W x H inches | pages
$15.95 CAN / $15.95 US
Rights: World
Backlist | Non-Fiction | Bisac: BIO026000


More than just well written, entertaining and humorous, this book is also (gasp) moving.
Montreal Gazette

About the Contributors

John MacLachlan Gray

John MacLachlan Gray is the author of a novel, many magazine articles, and several stage musicals, a book on tattoos, Lost in North America: The Imaginary Canadian in the American Dream (1994), Local Boy Makes Good (1987), and the internationally acclaimed Billy Bishop Goes to War (1982) with Eric Peterson. He has contributed sixty-five satirical pieces for The Journal on CBC Television, and is a frequent speaker on cultural issues. Among his many awards are the Governor General’s Award, the Canadian Authors Association Award, and the National Magazine Award.

Lost in North America (ebook)

John MacLachlan Gray

Billy Bishop Goes to War 2nd Edition
Billy Bishop Goes to War - 2nd Edition

John MacLachlan Gray & Eric Peterson

Local Boy Makes Good

John MacLachlan Gray

Billy Bishop Goes to War

John MacLachlan Gray & Eric Peterson

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