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Get Me Out of Here
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Tuesday January 13, 2015 in Books

Get Me Out of Here

By Sachiko Murakami

Why is it often so difficult to stay present in the moment? Poet Sachiko Murakami asked this question in an open call on the Internet, and in airports across the globe, from YVR (Vancouver) to RKV (Reykjavik), people in transit stopped to note in only one sentence their impressions of things, events, people, and feelings. The poems that result from this experiment in crowd-sourcing content search departures and arrivals for a handhold on the fleeting present. Working within and wriggling out of the formal constraint of fourteen lines, Get Me Out of Here explores what poems need to do to stay when the mind is begging to leave.

Get Me Out of Here furthers Murakami’s investigations into collaboration that began with Project Rebuild, the companion website to her 2011 poetry collection Rebuild, and that continued with her online projects, HENKŌ: A Powell Street Manyway Renga and WHITBOAM. Working with the idea that poems arise out of conversation and are built by communities, Murakami continues to invite the public into her poems – to rebuild them, to help write them, and in the case of Get Me Out of Here, to provide the inspiration that is supposed to come to a poet without effort. Murakami also invited observers into the editorial process.

A companion website works with the theme of exchanging experience and inspiration.

Read a poem from Get Me Out of Here.

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“[Get Me Out of Here] celebrates resistance to the hegemonic control of space. However, [Murakami’s] ironic and subversive play with form suggests that her restless critique extends even to the methods by which writers describe and depict their subjects. … She voices the inner desires and private longings of passengers to indicate what escapes, hides, or suffers from this surveillanced space. Fear, anger, passion, joy, and sadness distinguish human subjects from objectified products of the airport. At the same time, she is also suspicious of any technology (or poetry) that ‘opens up the self / and its ultrasonic evidence,’ and this scrutiny about mediation seems to involve an examination and re-evaluation of poetic structures. Her eclectic use of anagrams, onomatopoeia, experiments in grammar, and the visual placement of words on the page both bespeaks an interest in form and draws attention to the ‘rules’ of these forms. Frequently, she breaks, varies upon, or adapts these rules to suggest a challenge to totalizing structures and to invite humorous, creative play.”
Canadian Literature

Get Me Out of Here focuses on the airport as network hub, but it also examines the poetic process as a possible mode for communal conversation. Murakami is an explorative poet, an experimenter, who finds modern communication methods poetic in their nature. … Murakami’s mastery at the turn of phrase transcends the tangential, creating a collective expanse of poem branches that stem out from shared inspiration. … This collection is a thought-provoking metaphor for the continual flow that exists in both physical and digital communications. … In Get Me Out Of Here, Murakami fearlessly dives into the potentiality in the excesses of sharing and produces a masterwork that showcases her mercurial talents as an innovator in poetry.”
Rusty Toque

About the Contributors

Sachiko Murakami

Sachiko Murakami is the author of the poetry collections The Invisibility Exhibit (Talonbooks, 2008), a finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award and the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award, and Rebuild (Talonbooks, 2011). She is the creator of the online poetry projects Project Rebuild (projectrebuild.ca), HENKO (powellstreethenko.ca), WIHTBOAM (whenihavethebodyofaman.com), and co-creator of FIGURE (figureoracle.com), an online poetry oracle, with Angela Rawlings. Her website is sachikomurakami.com.

Get Me Out of Here

Sachiko Murakami

Rebuild cover

Sachiko Murakami

The Invisibility Exhibit

Sachiko Murakami

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