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Posted: Tuesday March 23, 2010
Michel Marc Bouchard

Quebec playwright Michel Marc Bouchard emerged on the professional theatre scene in 1985. Since then he has written twenty-five plays and has been the recipient of numerous awards, including, in June 2012, the prestigious National Order of Quebec for his contribution to Quebec culture, and, in 2005, the Order of Canada. He has also received le Prix Littéraire du Journal de Montréal, Prix du Cercle des critiques de l’Outaouais, the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award, the Dora Mavor Moore Award, and the Chalmers Award for Outstanding New Play. Translated into nine languages, Bouchard’s bold, visionary works have represented Canada at major festivals around the world.

photo: Julie Perreault

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Christina, The Girl King

Finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award, 2013 (French drama)
Finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award, 2014 (Translation)


Tom at the Farm

Winner of the 2014 Lambda Literary Award for LGBT Drama


Down Dangerous Passes Road

Finalist for the 2000 Governor General’s Literary Award for Translation


The Divine

The Divine mixes a delectable scandal, a sublime dramatic actress and the dangers of religious oppression into an astonishing performance.”
Tri-Town Transcript

“It’s [Bouchard’s] best work, and the most exciting new Canadian play in years. … Sex embraced or coerced, religion used or abused, exploitation industrial and institutional, theatre celebrated and satirized and satirizing itself: it’s a heady mix, and I wondered halfway through if the ingredients could be kept in balance. It turns out that they can. This is a play with an all-conquering narrative drive and an abundance of twists; there are no unabsorbing moments.”
National Post

“a wonderful wrestling match between art, religion and business … a moving and entertaining yarn drawn from our own history …  a play that is constantly pulling the rug out from underneath itself – and yet somehow keeps landing on its feet with only a few wobbles, quickly righted … The Divine is a rebuttal to its own criticisms about theatre – and [a solid] justification of the Shaw Festival’s own existence…”
Globe and Mail

“Simply put The Divine is divine. … The writing alone makes the production worth watching. The Divine will certainly leave the audience with plenty to think about … The cast performs admirably in the Shaw production, delivering on the complex themes of the script.”
Niagara This Week

“the most extraordinary play of the [2015 Shaw] festival … always compelling, and even intensely moving. Surely this play has a solid future.”
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Bouchard takes a real event in history – the visit of legendary French actress Sarah Bernhardt to Québec City in 1905 – and uses it to cast some dazzling new light on the themes that this gifted author has pursued with passion for all of his career: the destruction of innocence, the inequalities in his native province’s social and religious systems, and the healing capability of theatre in the face of these ills. … Bouchard writes with power, using broad strokes of language (muscularly translated by Linda Gaboriau) … Virtually every scene in the play makes its points well and leaves you thinking afterwards.”
Toronto Star

“a fascinating, moving, ambitious piece of theatre”
NOW Toronto

“Bouchard writes with scathing temper and his play is both touching and frightening.”
Hamilton Spectator

“In some ways it is uniquely Canadian. But the power and passion … will resonate with audiences around the world because it speaks so directly to the most fundamental issue of our time – the corruption of and exploitation by the institutions we believed were created to protect and serve us. … profound and timely. … It will become a timeless Canadian classic.”
– ShalomLife.com

“a finely crafted work that soars beyond its seemingly divergent elements. … Ultimately, The Divine speaks to our time. … The Divine does what fine theatre should: provides humour as well as heart-wrenching moments, a gripping and believable story with engaging characters, provocative questions and the possibility of hope.”
Canadian Jewish News


Christina, The Girl King

“[A] piquant take on Christina’s story, with a pronounced predilection for philosophical meditations … Bouchard’s play deserves much credit for trying to cover a lot of historical and philosophical ground. … the ensemble [in the Cor Theatre, Chicago production] shines bright as it illuminates this off-kilter take on one of history’s most fascinating women.”
Chicago Tribune

Christina, The Girl King is a regal romance. Bouchard once again proves himself a master of wild fantasy and the florid language to go with it, always deftly peppered with biting wit.”
Montreal Gazette

“[an] even-handed historical drama (which doesn’t shy away from Christina’s attraction to women) … The ambition and non-traditional approaches by Cor Theatre in producing Christina, The Girl King is admirable”
Windy City Times


Tom at the Farm

“A compellingly dark spectacle … What starts off as a seemingly realistic depiction of small-town homophobia soon spirals off into a brooding tale of secrets and repression – part psychological thriller, part soap opera, part hyper-stylized Greek tragedy, part something else that is just ineffably weird. … Linda Gaboriau’s translation is a supple thing …”

“Extremely well written, a work of great density.”

“Funny, harsh, tender, and terrible, the play engages us in a twisted game that plays itself in a rural setting where innocence and boiling anger collide.”
Montreal Sun

“Mother, brother and lover fall into a nightmarish relationship where all play dangerous roles. … Tom moves us in and out of the narrative by frequently addressing his dead lover or himself. Through this dual consciousness, the audience must share the pain and violence of homophobia.”
Canadian Literature


Madonna Painter, The

“… really quite extraordinary. […] There are so many lovely and intriguing characters in this play … But the play is also filled with terrible images of death and horror … And it is this collision of beauty and horror that makes this play so truly remarkable.”
– The Coast


Written on Water

“Gaboriau’s extensive experience in translating Québécois drama … enable[s her] to bring out the richness and subtleties of the [French text].”
Canadian Literature

“This is a witty satire of one of the more tragic effects of globalization: the disregard for collective memory and for those who, like senior citizens, embody it or, like writers, wish to preserve it… Gaboriau has done a superlative job in reproducing the profound disarray underlying the characters’ caustic humour and their violent reactions to differing points of view.”
University of Toronto Quarterly


Coronation Voyage, The

Tackles the themes of sacrifice and forgiveness, the interpretation of history, the lost (i.e. sacrificed) generation, innocence, family and love.
La Presse

Brilliant, artful and satirical.
CBC Radio

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