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Posted: Monday July 21, 2014
Brian Henderson

Brian Henderson is the author of ten volumes of poetry, the most recent of which, Sharawadji (Brick Books, 2011), was nominated for the Canadian Authors Association
Award for Poetry. His 2007 book Nerve Language (Pedlar Press) was a finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award. Henderson’s work, both critical and poetic, has appeared in a number of literary journals. He holds a PhD in Canadian literature, is the director of WLU Press, and lives in Markdale, Ontario, with his wife, Charlene Winger.

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“[OR] is an extraordinary book, brilliant from the first particle trace to the last. A luminous meditative transcendence links it all together, playing deep chords in both mind and flesh. The fluency of time and space created by these poems carries the reader beyond the named into gnosis. Henderson’s language is often just out of reach, which is perfect, drawing the reader deeper into his world by understanding its implications.”
– Don Domanski

“Who doesn’t love the ‘bullet’s longing for a heart’? Surprise, it’s Brian Henderson, versus the Uncertainty Principle. Over three decades, this mad trapper-scientist has named the exact origin of particles, and set them shooting off again, as if to clarify consciousness by exploding the ‘plural chaos’ of the unseen. What a hat trick: ontological clairvoyant, provisional sage, cartographer of both sides of language, he tracks beginning and end trajectories of fallen light, because the ‘world of forms’ is chaste, and must be chased by active silence, fulsome points, and tickertape, flickering and unfinished, insofar as our participation in life completes that nervous circuitry. Naming also conceals, like breathing, these fleet tracings: ‘You are a time-effect, of which a voice print can be made.’ Listen to the forensic phosphor of how things reach out, read and transpose each other. To read his poetry is to come clean from the haunting ordinary, made extraordinary. Always asking why, Henderson helps us dream the answer.”
– Weyman Chan

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