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Posted: Friday May 14, 2010
Alain Deneault

Alain Deneault was born in the Outaouais region of Quebec. He completed a research-doctorate at the Centre Marc Bloch in Berlin and the Université de Paris 8, at which he received his PhD in Philosophy under the direction of Jacques Rancière. His interests lie in nineteenth-century German and twentieth-century French philosophy, as well as the work of Georg Simmel.

In 1999, as a member of the Cross-Canada Caravan, which included organizations such as the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and the Council of Canadians, Deneault visited many Canadian cities before attending the Millennium Round of the World Trade Organization Conference in Seattle where he spoke at sessions on globalization and the WTO.

Deneault’s research and writing practices are diverse and often collaborative, focusing on how international financial and legal agreements increasingly foster the interests of “stateless” transnational corporations over those of nation states and the interests of their human communities.

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Canada: A New Tax Haven

Canada, A New Tax Haven explains this country’s central role in the creation and development of tax havens, sounding a klaxon for global reform of banking supervision and taxation policy. The book also delivers a firm slap to those, including perhaps the current federal government, who would seek to promote Canada as a bastion of feel-good liberalism. … By offering both a thorough and unflinching perspective on Canada’s role in the growth of tax havens and a series of practical remedies to the current malaise, Alain Deneault has done this country a service …”
Vancouver Sun

“The book is grounded in a spirited defence of taxation’s role in funding the state and its programs, including social programs but also the economic policies and legal system that benefit corporations and wealthy individuals. This is in sharp contrast to most of the specialist tax literature, which revels in complexity, technicality and legal issues, obscuring the crucial political and social issues at stake. … a valuable contribution to a debate that merits serious ­attention. … Deneault is rightly outraged … the book highlights some critical issues. … Deneault is correct to highlight the need for greater pressure from citizens, which will require continued efforts to lift the shroud of secrecy that surrounds corporate taxation in Canada. … Canada: A New Tax Haven should help inspire concern and possibly even greater pressure from the Canadian public.”
Literary Review of Canada

“This meticulously researched history of Canadian involvement in the development of tax havens across the Western hemisphere reveals how, stealthily, tax lawyers, and business and political elites, have imported the tax haven model into Canada’s own laws and regulations … a wake-up call to everyone concerned about democracy and equity in Canada.”
– John Christensen, Tax Justice Network

“An indispensable resource, providing a rich cultural, social, and historical context that is strongly needed for understanding how tax competition developed into the global phenomenon it is today.”
– Allison Christians, McGill University H. Heward Stikeman Chair in Tax Law

“Essential reading … Deneault illuminates the blowback effect of Caribbean tax havens becoming, in the hands of big banks and transnational business, a powerful lever for dismantling a century of social progress and democracy itself at home – in this case, in Canada.”
– Harold Crooks, director, The Price We Pay

“Rigorously decrypts the mechanisms that have led Canada to adopt “laws of convenience” that are nothing more than criminogenic legal tools enabling their users to circumvent the obligations and rules that underpin the law states.”
– Chantal Cutajar, European College of Financial Investigations and Analysis of Financial Crimes (CEIFAC )

“Deneault shows that the tax-haven problem is not simply a problem of illegal tax evasion or money laundering by the underground economy or criminal gangs but a much larger issue of how the Canadian state has legalized the use of tax havens by large corporations so that they can evade paying their fair share of taxes.”
– Dennis Howlett, Canadians for Tax Fairness


Imperial Canada Inc.

“… well-researched look at one of the many complex problems posed by global capitalism. Further, the mining industry is a particularly useful lens through which to view these broader problems in that mining is, with agriculture, literally the foundation for the rest of the real economy. Canadians working toward a sustainable solution to the problems posed by mining would bring an international community that is already highly organized for finance one long step closer to organization for sustainability and justice.”
Saskatchewan Law Review

“A powerful indictment of Canada’s role as a platform for mining firms engaged in highly exploitative and polluting activities in far-flung corners of the global South … and closer to home. A call for much tighter regulation of the Canadian mining industry and for ethical and responsible investment as an alternative model for the future. The publication of this book represents a blow for freedom of expression against the abusive use of SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) lawsuits by Canadian corporations.”
– Philip Resnick, University of British Columbia Department of Political Science

“Through well-documented detail, Alain Deneault and William Sacher show how a permissive domestic policy and regulatory regime and an extreme level of investment speculation combine to allow some Canada-based mining companies to behave deplorably around the world. At a time when the Harper government is rolling back key environmental laws to accelerate resource development in Canada, Deneault’s and Sacher’s hard-hitting analysis and tone beg a timely question: if Canadians want to export—not bad—but exemplary corporate behaviour to the rest of the world, what standards must we hold our mining companies to here at home?”
– Ed Whittingham, Pembina Institute


Paul Martin & Companies

Stands as an example and a rebuke to the watery discourse that passes for ‘political commentary’ in the anglophone press…

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